Remember that there’s some one there, whose heart is always true, some one there, to help you make it through. I’ll always be the man in love, with you…….”~George Strait

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My recent move back to Texas has given me a lot of freedom with my business and made me think a lot about what brings me joy in life. I’ve  made the decision to focus solely on love stories  and to only photograph weddings, engagements, anniversaries and elopements.  These are the things in life that bring me the most happiness work-wise and I know that it’s my calling.  It’s sessions like this engagement that confirm in my mind that I’m moving in the right direction. I feel like every love story gets better and better this year and I can not wait for all these weddings!!

I’ve known Tammy for many years. So many, in fact, that we really don’t remember how we met or how we became friends. All we know is that our friendship never seems to miss a beat with time or distance between us. When she approached me about her wedding I jumped at the chance to work with a friend and I couldn’t be happier for her and Josh. This engagement session was the first time I’ve spent any significant time with Josh and Tammy together and I can say with confidence they are really a great fit.

For their engagement session we decided to explore their wedding location, Bright Star Ranch in Franklin, Texas. It’s a gorgeous place to get married with tons of interesting areas to take pictures. We had a blast exploring the ranch and talking about their wedding. We ended the day on a golf course which is Josh’s favorite place to be. I won’t say where this course is because it’s gorgeous, it’s unexpected, and honestly I feel like they showed me a “hidden spot” that I want to go play golf at!!! Let’s just say it’s not anywhere you think it would be…….. (Hearne, TX…sssshhhhhhh….)……and I’m certainly headed back ASAP for a round of golf.

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