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You’ve got questions… Let’s see if I can answer them.

College Station Wedding Photographer

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do. – Andy Warhol

What’s a photographer’s style?2018-11-29T17:45:57+00:00

You may find that there are bunch of different looking pictures that photographers show.  Each one has their own unique style and brand that they put into their artistry.  Their take is influenced by a myriad of factors, such as lighting, posing, composition, and “developing” to produce their finished products.

Some common terms for photographic styles include:  Editorial, Documentary, Moody, Light & Airy

A good wedding photographer will use editorial styling and documentary captures throughout your wedding day.  I prefer to give my images a touch of mood to provide a bit of drama and contrast to the setting.  Take a look at your Pinterest board and see which ones you like to pin the most, and compare that with the photographer’s portfolio that you’re considering.

What are the different types of photographers?2018-11-29T17:45:40+00:00

What I find is that photographers break down into a couple of different budget categories:  Discount, Median, and Luxury.

A discount photographer will typically be someone who’s either just starting out, or has other photographers working for them.  They may not be guaranteed to have the proper experience needed to cover your event, nor will they probably be assigned to your wedding until closer to your date.  They range anywhere from $1000 – $2500 with their starting packages.  In order for these studios to remain in business, they’ll take on 30-50 weddings per year, sometimes more.

Median priced photographers have a wide swath of experience and pricing.  Typically anywhere from $2500 to $4500 starting prices are expected when looking at their packages.  They’ll more than likely take on less weddings and deliver a better experience than Discount studios, as well as deliver better end products.  Both in image quality and printable deliveries.

Luxury Photographers are geared toward brides with much higher budgets and may only take on a handful up to 20 weddings per year.  They’ll be more selective in who they take on as clients and conscious of what their brand excels in.  They may describe themselves more as artists and their pricing will reflect that with starting packages in the $7000 – $10,000 range.

Within these categories, I could break them down further in terms of experience: Novice, Professional, and Artist.

Novice photographers are exactly that.  Someone who won’t have a whole lot of experience in covering your event, but may take decent looking images.

Professional have the full working knowledge of their gear and how to cover your event forwards and backwards.  Their image quality will be very good and have very few mistakes.

Artists cover events with a story in mind.  Usually shooting for the end product and immersing their vision into yours for your wedding day.

How much time will I spend with my photographer?2018-12-12T17:23:08+00:00

I’ve added this question to my FAQ’s, even though it’s not asked that often, because I feel that it’s important to understand that your photographer is the person you’re probably going to spend THE most amount of time with outside of the wedding planner who’s scheduling vendor meetings and designing your big day.

Excluding the time spent with you on your Engagement Session, your photographer will spend 8-12 continuous hours with you on your wedding day.  I feel that it’s important to not only know if your photographic artist has the experience and skills to capture your wedding, but that your personalities mesh.  Believe it or not, who you decide to work with reflects in your expressions throughout the day.

Can you help me find a location for my session?2018-12-11T17:21:07+00:00

Absolutely! Think about places that have meaning to the two of you as a couple. Where your first date was, what you like to do in your free time, or what the two of you enjoy doing together. I like to think outside of the box sometimes when it comes to your pictures and include things that mean something to you like a brewery, a park, golf course, your family’s land, etc.

If you are unable to include these personal elements, I will work with you to come up with a place that has the right aesthetic for who you are as a couple. Some people are more urban and like downtown settings, some couples enjoy the outdoors and parks, and some couples like to mix it up and include both types of places. Most sessions include two locations that are near each other so we will work together to find the right fit for you.

How soon should I book you?2018-12-11T17:23:10+00:00

Book your photographer as soon as you find them and you have a wedding date confirmed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to disappoint someone because they wanted to wait for one reason or another. Shop around for your photographer ASAP. Check their Social Media feeds, their testimonials, and their reviews. Find someone who fits your style, budget, and personality.

I book up as early as a year and a half out and I book on a first come first served basis. Once that date is booked, it’s rare that it opens up again.

How much should I spend on wedding photography?2018-12-11T17:22:31+00:00

This may be one of the most difficult questions to answer because it depends on a lot of different factors. Various bridal resources have tried to come up with some sort of formula for their readers to stick to and keep it as simplistic as possible, but the reality is that everyone’s needs and desires are different. You’re not going to throw the same shindig as your best friend from High School, or even your own sibling so you have to prioritize your own needs and desires.

What I find with my clients, is that my services usually rank somewhere in the top 3 budget expenses, typically because the photographs from the day will last well beyond the last slice of cake. So, in essence, you should allocate more of your budget toward what you feel is the most important. Whether that’s the venue, the food, or the photography….that’s up to you to decide.

What should I look for in a Wedding Photographer?2018-12-12T17:17:49+00:00

This is a fantastic question and one that I’m often asked, especially if you’ve just started searching for your personal portrait artist! I recommend finding someone who fits within your budget with the most experience. It’s critically important that once you find the photographer that fits your needs, ask yourself if this: “Is this the professional with whom you want to spend 8-12 consecutive hours on your wedding day?”

I provide an artist’s concept for wedding day coverage while giving you a quality experience in a price range that won’t break the bank. My goal is to provide you the best possible portraits within the parameters I’m given and deliver more than you’re expecting on customer service, because you’re not just a number to me.

College Station Wedding Photographer

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