” Way down in the Blue Ridge Mountains, way down where the tall pines grow lives my sweetheart of the mountains, she’s my little Georgia rose…..”~Bill Monroe

You’ll hear me saying often that I have the coolest job in the world and I truly believe it. I get to work in all kinds of places I wouldn’t normally get to go and I get to meet people from all walks of life that I wouldn’t normally get to hang out with. This Blue Ridge Mountain engagement session is the perfect example of how amazing being a photographer can be. My husband is originally from North Carolina and every time we visit, I’m drawn to the mountains. It’s not only gorgeous but it’s so peaceful and serene. Anyone who knows me knows that adventure is in my blood so naturally, when I traveled to visit our family in North Carolina, I wanted to go work in the mountains. I made it happen.

Rachel and John jumped at the chance to do their engagements along the Blue Ridge Parkway. So we made plans and we set out on an adventure.  What an adventure it ended up being! The one part of the Parkway that we wanted to go to was closed because of snow and ice. Being a Texas/Mississippi dweller, it never occurred to me that there could be snow or ice anywhere in April. We had to improvise and explored in search of locations. High up on a mountain among ice-laden trees we found this surprisingly urban spot where locals had spray painted the rocks. Overcoming some fear of heights and giving into my quirky ideas, proved to be worth every uncomfortable moment for all of us.
Blue Ridge Mountain North Carolina Engagement-6
I really had it in my head that I wanted some mountain stream shots too. We headed down the mountain and explored the valley where we found some fly fishermen parked on the side of the road. We followed the lead of their fishing poles and were not disappointed when we came upon a babbling mountain brook next to a road that turned from gravel to dust as it headed up the mountain. I had to take my shoes off and stand in the freezing water to get the best shots but it was so worth it (and it gave us something all to laugh about too…I’m always up for a good laugh at my expense during a session).
Blue Ridge Mountain North Carolina Engagement-52
Rachel and John are getting married in October in North Carolina and while I’m not available on their big day to shoot their wedding, I’m thankful they took an afternoon out of their busy schedules to allow me to capture a piece of their love story. I wish you both the best and a lifetime of happiness!!!

If you’re getting married on a mountain or just want to take some really amazing pictures with a really awesome background, I’m your person! I LOVE TO TRAVEL and my travel costs are minimal if not free depending on where you want to go.

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