Real People. Real Moments. Real Memories.

There’s beauty everywhere….Belly laughs with your friends while you get ready. A look with your dad while you’re at the altar. A tear wiped away by your mom. Your grandparents holding hands on the front row. All of these moments tell a story-your story.

These are things you may be too busy to notice on your wedding day, but they are the pieces of the narrative that will have you crying tears of joy when you look at your wedding photos. These are the moments that set my documentary wedding photography apart from the others.

Anyone can press the button on a camera.

Anyone can learn to take a pretty picture, but it takes experience and skill to read people. It takes intuition and expertise to read body language. Solving problems doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but it does for me. I’m going to do everything in my power to keep you comfortable, reduce your stress, and make you look amazing. As your wedding expert, Iʼm not just there to take pictures, I’m there to make sure you and your guests have the best day ever so that you have the best pictures ever.

What I wonʼt do:

I’ll never ask someone to fake a candid moment. Never will I prioritize social media likes over your desires. Showing up to a wedding with my own agenda is out of the question. I won’t let you be uncomfortable. Most of all, I will never let you down.

What I WILL do:

I will tell you to stand up straight, lift your chin up, and remind you to smile if your resting bitch face is taking over. I’ll tell your family to line up and listen for the formals so we can get you to the party faster. When the timeline is getting off, I wont make it your problem. Throughout the day I will continually pivot and reassure you that everything is amazing. If your body language says you are overwhelmed, I’ll run interference and give you a moment. When you’re low on energy, I’ll find you food. If a button falls off your dress, Iʼll sew it. Above all, Iʼll do whatever it takes to get you to the altar and that you get to enjoy your day.


I’m the wedding photographer you’ve been dreaming of.

College Station Wedding Photographer


am an artist. Likewise, I see the world in my own way. When I was a kid, my mom said I could create anything I could imagine out of literal trash. Creativity runs through my veins.

My first camera was was bright pink and purple. I was 6 and it was the highlight of my Christmas. Coincidentally, Santa also delivered a wedding chapel play set that year that was part of a larger village set I had been wanting. The rest of the village never materialized so my imagination ran wild with this chapel.  Many of my hours were spent decorating and photographing the weddings that took place there. My soul knew what I was meant to do from an early age, but my logical brain convinced me get a degree from Texas A&M University in Poultry Science. I’ve never actually worked with chickens professionally, but maybe that’s where I learned how to wrangle families for formal photos?

My problem solving skills are forever being enhanced by the fact that my husband and I bought a 115 year old farm house in Snook, TX. Blindly tackling remodeling projects and learning new skills as I go is my MO. Have you ever refinished original hardwood floors? I have and it’s not fun. I’ll stick to weddings, they are way more enjoyable.

One thing youʼll learn about me quickly is that I love animals. The cat and dog distribution system seems to love me back. Our home is always full of pets and I love them all. If you have a dog, I’m going to want to meet it. In fact, I’ll show up to your session with my best good dog voice and a pocket full of treats if you want to include them in your pictures.

My family consists of: my husband of 15 years and two kids who are way too much like me. Ours is a chaotic house full of dogs, cats, noise, and laughter. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I’m not at weddings you can usually find me outside. I’m forever running and training for races. I’ve run over 20 full marathons and ultra marathons. Camping, hiking, kayaking, house plants, craft beer, and music that was made long before I was born make me happy. I’m always trying something new, my ADHD requires it-I suspect that’s why weddings make me so happy. Every wedding day is as unique as the people in it.

Ready to meet me? Let’s do this!!

My Portfolio


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