See why I love you, you make me feel fine. See why I miss you, your loving’s out of sight._. Yes, I’m gonna make you, make you my wife. …..”~The Love Light Orchestra

How do I even begin to rave about this session? Every, single time I take engagements I decide that session is my favorite and this one is no exception. Not only are Ginger and David friends of mine, but they are just really great people and so fun to work with. Plus, I had a reason to travel back to the Mississippi Delta which I will never complain about. We had a blast and I’m so stinking excited for their November wedding!

I must say a huge “thank you” to a couple of local Mississippi delta businesses for letting us use their places for photos! Delta Brewing Supply in Downtown Greenville, MS was happy to open their doors to us with some pre-photo beers and photo ops in the beer garden. Also, Fountains Green Growcery in Greenville, MS let us use their amazing greenhouses for my personal favorites from this session!

Let’s start with my favorites first:





Impromptu dance party anyone?




Ginger’s dad had requested that we use this landmark building in downtown Greenville that is scheduled for demolition soon. It’s honestly hard to make this building look good for pictures but these two managed.



Delta Brewing Supply has the best beer garden in the Mississippi delta:


David actually suggested that we use this spot in downtown Greenville. I love it when grooms come up with ideas too.





Ginger + David!!!

November can’t come fast enough.


If you’re getting married in the Mississippi delta, call me! I may not live there any more, but I will not charge you travel fees for the area. If you’re in Texas and these pics make you want to hire me, I don’t charge travel for a 3 hour radius around Bryan/College Station! I’m more than happy to travel anywhere your love story takes me!