My portfolio speaks for itself. Iʼm good at what I do. The story my portfolio doesnʼt tell is how I keep the day moving. We start by communicating pre-wedding about your timeline. I ask questions to find out what are your priorities on your wedding day as far as pictures go. I draft a photo timeline and then work with your coordinator or planner to make sure we make the most out of our time together. Throughout the wedding day Iʼm focusing on what I know matters to you and Iʼm constantly pivoting and keeping the ball rolling. Iʼm making sure youʼre comfortable, youʼre happy, and youʼre not stressed or anxious. If we get off on the timeline, thatʼs my problem not yours. I make everything work no matter how stressful things get. I think on the fly and Iʼm always one step ahead. This kind of stuff only comes with experience and a natural intuition. Anyone can learn to take a picture but not everyone is good at managing time wisely and keeping everyone happy and relaxed.