And I don’t have to take no trip to outer space. All I have to do is look at your face and before I know it, I’m in orbit around you. Thanking my lucky starts that I’ve found you. When I see your constellation, honey, you’re my inspiration, and it’s you….”

~ Tom Waits “Little Trip to Heaven”

I’ve known Ginger and David for a few years now and I’ve known Ginger’s mom even longer than that. I was so honored to travel back to Mississippi for this amazing weekend. Not only was I the photographer, but my husband lovingly hand made  most of the pies for the grooms cake table, and my daughter proudly walked with Ginger as one of her flower girls. Gingers  community of friends and loved ones stepped up to show their love and appreciation for her and David in so many ways on their wedding day. It was a reflection of how everyone feels about them. Their cake was lovingly baked and decorated by a friend, their ceremony music was played by people who love them very much, their decor was hand crafted by another amazing friend, so much love went into this day and I hope it shines through their images.

All of this collaboration makes sense  because Ginger and David are two of the sweetest people I know. Ginger is always more concerned about others than herself. She’s honestly the exact opposite of me which is why our friendship works. Her and David are one of those couples that their love is infectious.  They aren’t overly affectionate per say but they are so kind to one another and that’s what matters. I could go on and on about both of them because I adore them as a couple and I’m totally biased, but instead I’ll just share way too many pictures from their day that tell their story in the only way I really know how to tell a story.