I was going to post these on Friday but I was so incredibly excited about them I  could not sit on them any longer and had to finish them up this morning. Ashley and Daniel met me halfway between Greenville and where they live so we could shoot some engagements in Yazoo City. Their pictures are just magical and I’m giddy just looking at them. I can not wait to capture their October wedding! Oh and they have an adorable 5 month old who was able to join us for the shoot!!!! Can we fast forward to October so I can get to all the good weddings I have lined up??

I remember you first told me a baby boy was on the way and everything I thought I wanted, it just washed away. Cause I met you and then I knew my big dreams were done
I’d settle down in the same small town and try to raise a son. Some might call it giving up, but it don’t feel that way to me. I think it’s just the three of us and our little bitty dreams
Thank God it’s just the three of us and our little bitty dreams.”~Will Hoge