Pretty woman, walkin’ down the street. Pretty woman the kind I like to meet. Pretty woman I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth, no one could look as good as you…..”~Roy Orbison

*tap* *tap* tap* Is this thing on? Hello world!! LONG time no blog!! I’m still here, I’ve been working, I’ve just been absent on the blog which is supposed to be a huge “no, no” for a photographer. If we are being honest here, I didn’t know how to use my new website and in an effort to avoid showing my age, I don’t like change. Change makes me cringe. Learning a new system just seemed like something I could put off. But I digress….  so I’m here, I’m blogging again and I’m SOOOOOO excited to kick off the blogging days again with these AMAZING bridals!

Katie and Judson got married last weekend. I sat on these image for over a month just waiting until the moment I could share them with the world. I’m an impatient person and having to withhold images just about kills me every single time.

We met up on an overcast day in January at Lick Creek Park in College Station. I feel like the overcast days have way outnumbered the sunny ones the last few months. As a “moody” photographer, it’s my dream weather for sessions! Katie is adventurous and outgoing and fun and I think this session really reflected her. She was even a good sport when some red mud got on her dress (which came out by the way). I’ll let these images speak for themselves because I love them so (I may be guilty of saying this every single time I post a session but I mean it every.single.time.)