It may feel like January outside but the love  in these pictures will warm your heart.

I have been looking forward to sharing this session for two reasons: 1) I’ve worked with this family before and was excited to work with them again; and 2) I fell in love with newborn photography all over again. The weather on the day of this session was dreary and cold (much like it is as I type this). There was no going outside or depending upon natural lighting for this shoot which turned out to be a great change from my normal sessions.

I’ve always been enamored with lifestyle photography and I’ve been making the switch in my own professional style to this type of photography with babies and small children. Capturing people in their homes, a place where they are comfortable and interacting as a family is a beautiful thing.  I still love on location, natural lighting shoots, but there’s just something about the way way that people act  in their own homes.






I hope you love these pictures as much as I do. If you’re welcoming a newborn into your home any time soon and would like a similar session, please contact me prior to your due date so that I can be expecting your call.  It’s best to photograph newborns when they are less than ten days old-especially if you want the sleeping, posed pictures and I generally try to keep space on my calendar when I know someone is due around that time.

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